Saturday, May 15, 2010

One Speed

Stephen is our wild child. He is constantly on the go. Someone in our church nicknamed him One Speed.

Well, "One Speed" does reach the end of his battery life once in a while. Usually at supper time, around two bites into his meal.
It begins with a blank stare into space. When we ask him if he's tired we get this look:

The better part of valor is to simply leave him alone and observe.
Then as we watch, the eyes get heavier and the blinks get longer. Slowly but surely the eyelids sink over the eyes and the next thing you know this is what we find:

"Door Bells"

Last summer Grandma Jones gave Caleb, Bekah-Lynn and Stephen Melody Bells. Daddy has practiced several songs with them and they have proudly performed Jesus Loves Me for a Wednesday evening Offertory.
Stephen was so cute as he very excitedly rang his bells half a second after his cue. Bekah Lynn & Caleb were very studious in watching Daddy as he directed. Hopefully they can get another one ready to play for Grandma the next time we see her.
The funniest thing about the Melody Bells is that Stephen can't remember that they are called Melody Bells so he calls them "Door Bells" instead.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Christmas 2009: New Gingerbread Tradition

I know that this is really late to be posting Christmas pictures but I'm going to do it anyway. :) I'm going through all the pictures on the computer and these are the ones that just beg to be posted about. :)

I've always wanted to build a gingerbread house for Christmas so this year I finally convinced my husband to let me buy a kit for each of the kids. We actually found a great sale on them and got all three for less than we had budgeted for. Anyhow, I have now helped three children build gingerbread houses/trains and have decided that we/I will fulfill my gingerbread wishes with cookies (homemade!) from now on. We'll get the same great fun of decorating with out all this sugar!

The kids really enjoyed the experience. Daddy helped the boys and I supervised Bekah-Lynn. She really didn't need any help but I quickly discovered my daughter is detail oriented. She wanted her house to look exactly like the one in the picture but ran out of candy well before she finished. :)

As I said earlier, the process was fun the eating afterward was a chore. Store bought kits taste a little funny. On top of the taste it took us a month to eat it all. The pieces finally got put in a zip-lock bag but after a while the kids didn't want it any more. Thus the decision to make cookies next year and give them away (except for a select few). I also have a feeling I can make a much more nutritious gingerbread than Wilson can!

Josh was such a great sport as he patiently piped all of the "glue" on the trains for the boys. He did comment on the unfairness of my having one girl who could do most of it herself and him having to help both boys. But I think Josh did a great job and the boys loved having Daddy help them.

Caleb was very careful as he placed each piece.

Stephen wanted to eat the candy and we kept telling him he couldn't until the train was decorated. Telling a four year old he has to play with his food and not eat it is an interesting experience.

Kid's First Choir Camp

Last summer my totally amazing mother-in-law offered to take Caleb and Bekah-Lynn for a week. While they spent a week with Grandma they were able to be a part of Choir camp. They learned verses, and songs and chimes and in general had a great time. The camp ended with a concert and we were able to see all of the work they accomplished. Caleb was 5 and Bekah-Lynn was 4. We were very proud parents. :)

Of the 4-5 songs the choir sang Caleb and Bekah-Lynn learned 2 completely and bits and pieces of the others. They learned "Initiative" and another one I can't remember now. I only remember "Initiative" because they still sing it! :)

It was cute to watch as Bekah-Lynn played her chimes and sang. She was so serious and kept her eyes on her director. On the other hand Caleb was so excited that when he would get to the end of a verse he would say the last word just a little bit louder than the rest of the choir and then bounce up and down. :)

I can't wait to enroll them in this year's choir camp and see what they can do a year older and hopefully wiser. :) I'm glad they have a chance to be a part of this opportunity and I hope it will start their musical careers off on the right track.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Richmond, VA Spring of 2009

The spring of 2009 we were privileged to be part of a Mission's Conference in Richmond, Virginia. While in the area we were treated to a day trip to the historical sites around the city, including the White House of the Confederacy. On the way home we stopped in Lexington, VA to see Stonewall Jackson's grave and Lee's Chapel. It was so neat to see and learn even more about the lives of these great men.

The kids out side of Lee's Chapel.

The White House of the Confederacy, where President Davis and his family lived for several years. It was so neat to catch a glimpse of their lives.

We were also able to see some of the grandeur of the Jefferson Hotel. The stain glass was gorgeous. I would love to spend a night there. Maybe for an anniversary. One can dream.

At Stonewall Jackson's tomb the kids wanted to know why there were lemons all over the ground. Many of the visitor's to the cemetery leave lemons instead of flowers.

While in Lexington we were also able to see Traveler's Grave. People leave pennies on this tombstone just outside of Lee's chapel.

The kids really enjoyed the chance to get out and stretch their legs.

After all of the sight seeing our kids were really worn out! Caleb put on a brave face but he was not far behind Bekah-Lynn.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sleeping in Peace

One day during nap time I put Stephen in my bed so that I could work with Caleb and Bekah-Lynn on School. Joshua's office was in our room at the time and he could make sure Stephen was quiet.

I walked in to check on him and found Stephen asleep with both his puppy and elephant on his head. It was too cute for words and definitely a picture worth taking,

I'm back again, Sorry for the LOOONG absence.

Yes, I know that it is April 2010 and I have been absent from the blogging world for a very long time. Life was very crazy and about to get crazier but I'm realizing that I miss chronicling my life.

These pictures of Stephen (3), Caleb (5) and Bekah-Lynn (4) were taken just before Christmas of 2008. Wow, they have grown! Just wait until I get caught up and you all can see the difference.

Lord willing it may be necessary to blog more often as our plans to move to Africa are moving forward. So here are a few highlights from the past two years and then I'll try to be faithful again to blogging. :) Wish me luck.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Oh, the FUN of LIFE!

Stephen loves the beautiful Tiara Bekah-Lynn won at VBS. What a smile. "Hello, adoring Fans!" is written all over his face

My sister Ruth had her third baby boy on Wednesday, July 23, 2008. His name is John Ryan. He was 9 pounds 8 ounces and 21 inches long. While she was in the hospital my mom and I watched her two older boys, Isaiah (3) & David (2) as well as her two day care children, Lily (2) and Gracie (1). We added my three Caleb (5), Bekah-Lynn (4) & Stephen (2 1/2). What an interesting day and a half! I took some pictures Friday while they were playing. 
Presenting the Magnificent Seven!

Gracie was sitting on my Mom's lap.

Baby John Ryan, two days old.

The proud brothers: David on the right & Isaiah on the left.

What cuties!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Heritage Baptist Church, Riverboat Adventure VBS

We were able to join Heritage Baptist Church, our sending church, for the last two days of their VBS. The kids really enjoyed their time. Penny Parade was a blast for them as Grandma, Aunty Neely, Daddy, Grandpa, and many other people loaded them with pennies until Stephen lost his pants. (Caleb came close but Stephen actually lost them:)
We always enjoy being with our sending church. We are so blessed to have such a church family behind us as we are on deputation. They are faithful prayer warriors on our behalf. When ever we arrive we feel a little like celebrities must feel.